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Construction Contract Administration: Navigating the Building Process

Construction contract administration is one of the most valuable and potentially one of the most time consuming aspects of an architect’s service during the building process. Following planning and construction document submission to the chosen contractor, the architect should remain involved to help oversee the construction, making sure the design intent is followed, appropriate materials […]


What is Building Information Modeling?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) software is used to develop building design renderings based on criteria and construction drawings. Our designers use BIM program Revit to create conceptual images as well as walk-through video renderings to visualize our designs. Revit modeling depicts detailed specifications of every aspect of the building design. It provides clash detection and […]


Fire Safety Code Requirements Update for Long-term Care Facilities

Fires at long-term care (LTC) facilities have made local headlines in recent months, causing injuries to residents, significant damage to buildings, and unwanted publicity. Short-term rehab, senior living, long-term care and healthcare providers are similarly faced with the compounded threat of fires to their less mobile patients and residents. In an effort to modernize facilities […]


Design-Bid-Build vs. Design-Build: Selecting an Architect or Contractor

Whether you are embarking on a renovation or new construction project for your home, office, or business, it is important to have a solid understanding of the different project delivery methods and contract document types. Deciding to pursue a traditional Design-Bid-Build, Contractor-Led Design Build, or Architect-led Design-Build, delivery type should be dependent upon the project scope […]


Saving The Wright Factory Building | Historic Preservation | Dayton, Ohio

The National Aviation Heritage Area (NAHA) is currently working to acquire the former General Motors property on West Third Street in Dayton. General Motors purchased the original Wright Company Factory buildings in 1922 to manufacture steering wheels. Originally known as Inland, the facility grew and expanded, becoming Delco, then Delphi, and ultimately covered 54 acres with […]


Congrats, Riverview Health Care! | Blog | Senior Living | Ohio

RIVERVIEW HEALTHCARE CAMPUS RENOVATION MASTER PLAN Riverview Health Care Campus of Ottawa County in Oak Harbor, Ohio, is embarking on an exciting full scale renovation project of the 100,000 sf. facility. The project will include a refresh of the existing common areas, and residential spaces to update their image, and promote a business model for […]


Designer Profile | John Tatone | Harvesting Suburbia: A Sustainable Restaurant Design Thesis

Associate Designer and Millennial Super Dad, John Tatone, 26, has been with Brown & Bills Architects for 2 years. A graduate of Vandalia-Butler High School and Miami University, John is currently in the second year of the Master’s Program at the Boston Architecture College. This online cohort program consists of one week-long residency per semester on […]


New Triumph of Flight Video by Wright Image Group | Brown & Bills Architects | Dayton

Soaring over the intersection of I-70 and I-75, very near where the world’s first practical airplane captured the imagination of that world and gave birth to the history-changing aviation/aerospace industry, this stunning iconic monument will memorialize the Wright Brothers’ achievement of flight and Ohio’s continuously prominent role in its evolution.  It will attract world-wide attention […]


Triumph of Flight Monument Bird’s Eye View Video


How to Develop a Master Plan for Senior Living and Long-term Care Facility Building Projects

  As Baby Boomers continue to age, Senior Living and Long Term Care companies are faced with the challenge of providing a living environment that accommodates and enhances the active lifestyle of this generation.  Aging in place: The ability for a single company or facility to provide care and a quality standard of living for all groups of older […]