Foregone Farms: A Thesis by John Tatone (Congrats on Graduation!)

John Tatone, Associate AIAAssociate Designer John Tatone has completed his Master of Architecture degree from Boston Architectural College, an online cohort program in which students are required to spend one week-long residency per semester on campus in downtown Boston. The Miami University alum is currently preparing to take the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE) to become a registered architect. His thesis entitled Foregone Farms, is a conceptual study in which he explores the feasibility of a self sustaining farm-to-plate restaurant. We featured his thesis proposal in a previous post last fall, and wanted to follow up and share the project he carried out this past spring semester. His statement reads:

“Life in the Midwestern United States suburbs is detached from its surroundings both socially and environmentally. I intend to reconnect these residents with the Earth that they live upon, the community in which they belong, and the agrarian heritage from which they came by weaving an agricultural complex into the hyper-disciplined fabric of a suburban landscape. This community agricultural center naturally encourages social interaction among common neighbors both en route and within the newly enriched landscape. The lost identity of the forgotten landscape is revived due to the rediscovery of farmland where one can taste, smell, see and touch the palette of a certain place in a certain time. Here, a local epiphany is found through sensory-based education as visitors are directly engaged with soil content, livestock, and crops that all reflect the locale of the site. As a whole, this project is distinct in its location, yet replicable in its formula. Therefore, it will strive within a network of agricultural centers in the suburban belt; all working with each other in order to further strengthen the connection of resident to land.” Click here to view his entire thesis.